Product Launches
Strategic impact, planning, co-ordination and facilitation of the entire programme.

Product Revamps
Incorporating innovation and creativity, breathing new life into existing lines.

Sales Conferences
Inspiring self-motivation and elevating team spirits to take brands to new heights. Teaser campaigns.

Business Seminars
Provision of the most suitable working environment for the identified target market, offering ease of access, and quality facilities for successful seminars.

Mentorship Programmes
Relationship building. Team-building.

Lecture Tours
Complete co-ordination of all requirements, including flights, accommodation, audio-visual equipment, staging, programme compilation, speakers local and international, proceedings documentation and leisure time activities.

Product Campaigns
Theme conceptualisation and development in line with current advertising campaigns.

Incentive Programmes
Exotic and local destinations with conference needs, leisure options and venue accessibility provided for.

Corporate and Promotional Gifts
Our own custom made selection as well as imported and local selections sourced.

Design and Print Work
Stationary, clinical material, and event-related items, amongst others.

Branding and Signage Projects
Theme branding, teaser campaigns and signage prior to an event.


From identification of a suitable item, to branding and final presentation.

Assembly of Packs
Compilation and assembly of promotional packs for final presentation to client.

Sourcing of Equipment
Identification of suitable equipment required for the event, hiring, confirming back-up equipment and ensuring the presence of fully qualified technicians at the event.


Collation and payment of all suppliers for the specific project, on behalf of client, e.g. venues, equipment, promotional items, flights, transfers, leisure activities, car rentals, etc.

Two invoices are submitted per project, namely a deposit invoice for 50% of the total projected costs, and a final invoice for the balance outstanding on completion of the project.

On completion of the project, client is provided with the final invoice, which summarises and documents all costs incurred in carrying out the project.  Each project is managed in its entirety.  All invoices from suppliers, venues, flights, etc. are administered and settled on behalf of the client.  For each project a comprehensive cost estimate is compiled, with every element of the project itemised before the event. 


Each project is evaluated individually.

Event Management projects are costed out at between 12- 20 % of the gross project cost, again depending on the type of project. Following the initial brief, client is provided with a full proposal and budget, with the Agency's quotation included. Once the budget has been approved, the Agency will submit the initial invoice which covers any deposits or C.O.D. payments to be made on the client’s behalf.

Time is charged by the hour, with hourly rates ranging from R125.00 to R950.00, depending on the activity being carried out


Event Management

Promotional Material

Financial Administration

Pricing Policy

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